short story sessions

Hi and thank you for taking the time to see what all the talk is about with our Short Stories.

We have 5 different types of sessions and one of them is exactly what you are looking for!!  Following is a quick, who, what, when, and where for our different sessions:

Storybook Sessions

Retainer Fee: $500 includes hair and makeup. Over 5 years get just a little makeup.
Length of Session: 1 1/2 hours
When: Your schedule.  Dark and rainy weather can dictate outdoor locations.
Where: Locations around the area.  We can discuss this.  A travel fee may apply.
Products: We have a complete line of products from prints, canvas wraps, albums and digital packages
Viewing and Ordering: within two weeks you will come back to the studio to view and order from between 20-25 images.
Clothing:  We supply the beautiful gowns and outfits.  If you have something special we can do that too!

Storybook Limited Editions
Retainer Fee: $200- includes makeup.  Over 5 years get just a little makeup
Length of Session: 1/2 to 1 hour
When: Summer outdoor locations for certain dates.  Each limited edition runs for 2-3 days.
Products: a 15% discount off of our full line of products including prints, canvas wraps, and digital packages.
Viewing and Ordering: You will come back with in two weeks to the studio to view and order from between 15-20 images.
Clothing: We supply the beautiful gowns and outfits.  if you have something special we can do that too!

Short Story Mini Sessions

Retainer Fee: $79-$99 depending on the session
Length: 20 minutes
When: We offer these mini sessions throughout the year for 2-3 days.  These are themed sessions ie; Mermaid, Teddy Bear Tea Party, Fairies, Gone Fishing, Neverland, Sandlot, At the Beach, Winter Wonderland, Angels, etc.
Products: Print packages only, no digitals or Canvas wraps, albums are offered.
Viewing and Ordering: Right after the session you will view and order from between 6-7 images.
Clothing: Our themed clothing.

Once Upon a Time Commissioned Storybook Staring Your Child

Retainer fee: $500  all of this will go towards the purchase of the storybook.

We dress your princess in a dress fit for a princess and photograph them in our studio.  We then set them into a specific story.  The story is of a Princess that is looking for a gift for her mother, the Queen.  It is a wonderful story written by Kate,and your daughter is the Princess asking her woodland friends for help deciding what to give her mother.  It ends with the Queen and the princess dancing.  So yes, mom gets to be in the book too!  This book is exclusive to our studio and has to be seen to be appreciated.  It comes with an acrylic cover and fine leather.  The pages are thick and lay flat.  The book is 10×10 inches and also comes with a smaller companion book for your daughter to sleep with, learn to read with and take to school for show and tell.  It will be treasured for years to come.  Along with the companion book you will also receive an 8×10 image of your choice from the book to frame.

Story Art Images

These are special commissioned portraits.  We will have a consultation and determine the look and feel of the portrait.  The images are taken in the studio and can be our clothing or yours.  After the session we will place them into other images creating true story art.  One image comes from this session.  Prices for this will vary depending on the complexity of the desired look.